Beginners Obedience (Young dog Focus)

Continue to build on skills and relationships started in previous puppy classes.Or introduce your dog to new skills. The class concentrates on developing and improving the basic skills of sit, stay, down, come, healing on a leash,focus, engagement, motivation, greeting people and working around other dogs. 


Recommended age:  5 months or older

Equipment:  Buckle collar, 6 foot leather leash, soft training treats and treat bag.


Basic Obedience

Basic Obedience class is for any dog older than 5 months.  Throughout the dog’s life the basic command of “come” , “heel”,   “sit” and “stay” are necessary to be well-behaved, confident family member.  This class covers how to teach and reinforce the basics, as well as behaviors that help your house dog happy and relaxed.  For the dog that has some obedience training, this class will challenge the teams to get better.  Much of the training is “tricks that train”.

Equipment:  6 ft leash, 3 ft leash, soft treats and training collar of choice.

Advanced Obedience

Every dog can benefit from continued training. Young ( over 6 months) or old, you and your pet will improve their skills of come, sit , down and stays. Play games and train for a great partnership. Develop skills for your well-behaved pet or performance companion in Agility, Obedience or Rally.  


This class is one of the requirements for being accepted in the FMKC Agility Program.

Prerequisite: Basic voice control and the ability to concentrate on handler in a busy environment

Recommended age:  Over 6 months . A sit and down with walking on leash helpful.
Equipment Needed:  Buckle collar, 6 ft. leash, training treats, a favorite toy, and a hungry dog.

Competition Obedience & Utility

This class will focus on the advanced skills needed for competitive Obedience.  The concentration will be precision heeling, distance work and retrieving necessary to compete for Obedience titles Novice, Open and Utility, as well as the Preferred and non-regular classes.
Prerequisite: Understanding of sit, down and recall, completion of a novice level class, or instructor approval. 


Instructor approval is required for Utility Obedience.


Prerequisite:  Understanding of sit, down, and recall, completion of a novice level class, or instructor approval.
Recommended age: 6 months or older age

Equipment needed: Flat collar, 6 ft leash, training treats.  Other equipment needed for advanced skills will be requested by instructor as the class progresses.