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Puppy Classes

(For puppies under 6 months, over 6 months see Obedience)

We know that a well-trained dog is a joy to own.  Puppy classes provide a starting point for a lifetime of training and learning with your dog.  Graduates go on to Canine Good Citizen training and earn AKC Therapy Dog titles, as well as start competing in canine sports such as obedience and agility.

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Puppy Kindergarten


It’s the right way to start your life's journey with your new puppy. We teach you how to train your puppy to do new behaviors and stop old bad ones. A puppy can learn a lot of bad habits in a short time, and the longer they do these behaviors the longer it takes to redirect them. Jumping, hand biting, running away, are all things are often learned as they transition from their litter home to your home, without anyone even realizing it. There are many different methods to teach  most things. I will show you my methods and explain why I feel they work better than some. That being said, we have weekly handouts I think you, as a new puppy person, might be interested in knowing to help you be successful on your journey. We talk about what is really rewarding to your puppy, not just the treats.

Please bring your puppy on a buckle collar with a six foot, lead, NO FLEXI’s and lots of soft chewy treats. Puppies should be 8 weeks to 5 months.

Train your Teen


This class is for puppies that have basic Puppy Kindergarten skills; sit, down, the
start on stays and walking on loose leash. In this class, we offer many different things for your puppy to experience, and how to support your puppy through the things life will send their way. We have a variety of games that we teach to encourage confidence in your puppy and work on the beginning skills learned in the Puppy Kindergarten class.

Please bring your puppy after graduation from Puppy Kindergarten or other puppy class on a buckle collar with a 6 foot lead. NO FLEXI’s and lots of soft chewy treats.

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