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Canine Good Citizen (CGC)
Therapy Dog


The CGC/Therapy Class is designed to prepare the handler and their dogs for evaluation for either the Canine Good Citizen certificate and/or future work as volunteer therapy teams.   We use this space to refine basic obedience skills such as loose leash walking, sit/stay/down, and focus.  In addition the class focuses on more advanced skills including: calmly meeting friendly strangers and groups, introductions to medical equipment, being handled by other classmates besides their owner, and calmly sitting with a stranger while their owner is out of sight.  The class also has a large focus on the "human-half" of the team in which participants will learn about elements of managing potential therapy visits and/or interacting with the community with their dog.


Prerequisites:  Beginner Obedience

Highly Recommended: Advanced Beginner Obedience


Equipment:  A 4 to 6ft leash, a buckle or slip collar (including martingales), body harnesses are allowed.  Questions about equipment can be directed towards the instructor.   Treats for training.


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